Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
Jamaica (various locations)
At four campuses across Jamaica, the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD) provides quality educational and vocational training to children and adults who are deaf. CCCD hosts mission trip groups throughout the summer. Cultivate participants help host these mission groups, joining in their activities and working closely with CCCD staff.

Fara Limite
Lupeni, Romania
Fara Limite is a rock climbing gym that was created to provide a safe space where Romanian youth can spend their free time. It also encourages learning through a weekly reading hour and summer camp. Summer Cultivate participants connect with kids through climbing, both in the gym and at weekend outdoor climbs. Cultivate volunteers with rock climbing experience or a desire to learn are welcome. (This site also offers a year-long Cultivate opportunity.)

Lincoln, Nebraska
Immerse and F Street Church are continuously working to make their community a place where people can thrive. They have a passion for helping young people understand systematic poverty and our calling as Christians to serve the poor and oppressed. Cultivate participants assist Immerse in mentoring and teaching the youth teams it hosts throughout the summer. (This site also offers a year-long Cultivate opportunity.)

City Hope
San Francisco, California
In the heart of San Francisco, City Hope walks with its neighbors to provide a safe and sacred community for people who feel isolated and overlooked. Summer Cultivate participants come alongside City Hope as they empower neighbors in the Tenderloin district to break the cycle of addiction, incarceration, and poverty. They do so by providing these neighbors with the space, relationships, and support needed to achieve their goals. (This site also offers a year-long Cultivate opportunity.)

Mescalero Reformed Church or on Facebook
Mescalero, New Mexico
Feeling called to ministry in a local church? Mescalero Reformed Church is in need of help with its ministry on the Mescalero Apache Reservation. Cultivate participants can serve in any number of capacities: an afterschool program, middle school and high school youth groups, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, worship leadership, and maintenance of the church grounds.

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